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Friends Only- Sort Of

Hey all- A lot of this stuff on here is Friends Only, not that that makes it more interesting, just that sometimes you don't want internet stalkers thievin your ID, Knowwhatimean? Comment iffin ya want to be added to read more boring stuff.


OMG- my ham turned out CRAZY. I don't even like ham and I want to eat this forever. I glazed my ham butt with the following:

Brown sugar
Apple Butter
Lemon juice
Ground mustard.

350 for 2 hrs = uuunnnnnnffffffffffffffffffff

Waiting for my taters to roast.

Snow Pups

Moby in flight!

My one and only valentine:


Colby strikes a fierce pose:

Buzz mostly hid inside the whole time, so this is his best shot :/

Colby and Maeby: Bitches in love!



You guys on my friends page keep posting about Zenni optical. Is this place for real, can you really get a pair of eyeglasses with prescription lenses for so cheap? Is there some catch?

When did this happen??


OK, so yesterday I was watching the Karate Kid and noticed the female love interest played by a young Elizabeth Shue. She looked like an actual normal teenager:

Cutie patootie, every teenage guy in the 80s wanted to tap this.

And now our female teenage leads look like this:

That's a pretty big difference.

When along the way did this happen?

Good progress

Decent progress on pack integration this morning. Moby can sit side by side in the crate with Colby with a visual barrier and ot bark at all. Buzz and Colby are ready to do one dog offleash in the backyard (Colby would be offleash, Buzz on).

Maeby and Colby are inseparable. If we put Colby in the bedroom, they both sit at the door and cry. They just love cuddling on the bed together and playing with their gingerbread man toy.

Pics? OK

Ugggh, I have no idea how to rotate this:(

Colbert's got a LOT of sun damage from being tied to a tree all summer when she was a pup. She has tons of black skin patches that make her look like a dalmation. She also has tiny triangle ears, just like Rosie.

She is a wonderful dog. Very smart, well-trained, well-behaved, and very sweet.

Last night's Glee

How sexy was Mr. Schue last night when he was angry with Teri? YUM!

The apocalypse is nigh

Aria is in labor! RUN!

Buzz or Ghost?

On Monday I came home from work and the back sliding door was open. OK, I figured the doggie sitter left it open by accident.

I cam home today, and the door was open again,and a candle was lit on the windowsill in the kitchen. It is possible I left the candle lit, but there was so little wax left it could not have possibly burned from yesterday at noon straight through till this evening.

I suppose it is possible that Buzz learned how to open the slider, but I doubt it.

Tomorrow, we'll lock the slider and see if it happens again.

Next step:seance.